Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mexico Meets Colombia: Guajillo Chicken Stew

Okay, todays recipe may make no sense unless I give a little context. I am close to signing an agreement with a major cookware manufacturer in the US market. We met with them last week and saw their current products which have primarily focused on the carribean hispanic market in the US. The gave me a sample of their products to take home and use in relation to the type of cooking that I do. One of these pots is called a caldero.

The caldero is a traditional Colombian pot close to a dutch oven that is great for rice dishes and stews. A sancocho, which is one of the national dishes of Colombia, can be made in this type of dish. It is made of thick cast aluminium but it is very light. This dish in Mexico we would call a budinera and use for something totally different -- a budin or custard in English.

So, I took on of the big calderos and decided to create a new recipe for our family lunch - Guajillo Chicken Stew. I have to admit it turned out great. I love stews even in the summer. It is great comfort food as I grew up with lots of rustic stews that we would have for a simple lunch. So, LETS PLAY WITH OUR FOOD!

Click for the recipe in PDF (Adobe) format. Ana's Guajillo Chicken Stew.

Peace, love and good food,

Chef Ana


Anonymous said...

Yum! This sound a lot like Caldo de Res but with Chicken.

Steven said...

That looks very good. It's making me very hungry. I will have to try the recipe.

the traditional gourmand said...
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Chef Jay said...

Congratulations with your agreement signing. :) I believe that caldero is also use in hispanic-influenced countries like the Philippines. I've tried it once in cooking my canning salsa recipes. Thanks.