Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Television Series -- Next Steps

I have received a lot of questions about the television series this week. Last week, I signed an agreement with a division of Warner Bros. called the Wolper Organization for the development of my television series. Here is the link to the press release:

Basically what we are doing is developing the show concept, filming the trailer, and then the Wolper Organization through Warner Bros. Television will negotiate a home on major networks or cable. The first question that I am asked is whether this will be on the WB channel because it is being produced by Warner Bros. and the answer is most likely no. The WB and Warner Bros. Television are two separate divisions. Warner Bros. Television produces series for many of the major networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Food Network, Discovery, Travel Channel among many others. I am sure you have seen the Warner Bros. logo at the end of shows such as Heroes on NBC for example. That means that Warner Bros. produced the series and sold it to NBC. The job of the Wolper Organization is to find the right home for the series . . .but we are getting way ahead of ourselves!

First, we are going to shoot a trailer towards the end of this week and the beginning of next week on location at La Villa Bonita (www.lavillabonita.com) with 3 of our actual guests (God bless them!) and myself. In attendance as well will be Mark Wolper, the head of the Wolper Organization, our PR agent Karen Sperling, and a journalist and author, Karen Leland, who writes for the Huffington Post as well as major newspapers in the U.S. Quite the crowd! Need to get back to work! Lots to do! Follow me on twitter during the filming @chefana.

It is going to be fun!!

Peace, Love, and Good Filming
Chef Ana

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