Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grapefruit Curd Experiment

Many people have asked me what I do in my down time when I don't have guests in the culinary packages. One of my hobbies is to do my own canning and investigation of traditional methods of preserving fruits and vegetables. I have done lots of jams, jellies, compotes as well as preserves. So, this week I decided to do something with my funny little grapefruit.

In our citrus orchard on the property we have lots of different varieties. The previous owner was British and enjoyed her citrus. As a result we have many fruit-bearing trees that produce at different times of the year. We have 3 different types of lemons, 2 types of oranges, 5 types of limes, 3 types of grapefruit, and calamondines (I will do a blog soon on my calamondine liquor which is reposing right now!). A lot of these varieties are old, non-commercial varieties that are not prolific in size or quantity but have very distinctive properties that may not exist any more in the supermarket.

I have this strange little grapefruit tree that grows right next to our compost area(good place to grow, right?). It produces very small yellow grapefruit smaller than a baseball. They were so small that I doubted they had any usable juice. I opened them up and they had a enough juice to put it to use in something. I first used them as an "agua fresca" as we call them here which is juice of pretty much any fruit with a bit of sugar and water as a refreshing drink to accompany lunch with Robb and the boys. It was very good and didn't need much sugar. I decided on a whim to make grapefruit curd and see how it would turn out. I have made lemon curd from my orchard lemons before but never grapefruit. It should have a distinctive taste.

For a printer friendly PDF version click here.

For this recipe you will need 1.5 cups of juice, 2 sticks of unsalted butter, 2 cups of sugar, 12 egg yolks and your zest.

Zest All Grapefruit

Squeeze Grapefruit with Help of Small Person in Pajamas

Separate Yolks

Beat Yolks and Add to Saucepan on Low Heat

Add the Sugar and Whisk

Add the Juice and Whisk

Stir on low heat for 10-15 minutes or until the mixture thickens. Do not bring to a boil.


Add Butter Slowly

Add Zest and Stir

Cool and Add to Ball Jars with Help of Small Person in Pajamas

Seal Ball Jar in Hot Water as with any Preserve

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Lauren said...

Hey Ana, How are you guys?? Mateous is getting so big..haha!! Your grapefruit curd looks good, I defiently will have to try it. I am liking your blog, I will have to keep checking it. FYI Jen is to have her "little peanut" in just about 4wks!! Hope everything is well,take care.

-Lauren Canales (Wisconsin Girl) :)